After an uber-successful 20-year career on Wall Street where she brokered international billion-dollar finance deals, Denise Gaffney began helping leaders move beyond what they imagined as possible for their leadership, performance, and success. A native New Yorker, Denise’s unique approach honors the whole person – their journey, their strengths and challenges. Denise’s’ style is bold and transparent, while also gracious and giving.

Through her coaching, speaking, and writing, Denise helps others identify what is important and essential, using humor, street smarts and tenacity. Denise understands that the work we do on the inside is integral to any work we do in the world.

A maestro in front of groups, Denise’s expertise in sales and management allows individuals to tap into their potential, get clear on their goals, and serve their greater communities and organizations.

Denise publishes articles on lifestyle, humanity, and leadership and is a founding author in the forthcoming publication Younity. She delightfully wrangles her three-year-old twins, Ivy the bulldog, and her loving husband, just outside of New York City.