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Partnering with individuals and groups to create unique pathways to passion, purpose and prosperity.

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After an uber-successful 20-year career on Wall Street where she brokered international billion-dollar finance deals, Denise Gaffney began helping leaders move beyond what they imagined as possible for their leadership, performance, and success.



Denise has a unique and authentic personae that comes through in her powerful coaching. Working with Denise is exciting and I know that after every encounter I’m walking away with not only a new perspective, but tangible results that have pushed my personal life and business to new heights. Thank you, Denise Gaffney!
Denise Gaffney’s coaching goes beyond it’s purpose. She helped me to understand that my success is directly proportional to how well I own my greatness as a professional and as a person. I learned through my work with her that what I seek is seeking me as long as I open myself up to it.
— Alejandra Sandoval
Working with Denise helped me to regain my confidence and courage. I am now stronger, more productive and happier. Both my professional life and my personal life have benefitted from the changes I’ve made. I am a ‘better’ version of myself. Denise, thank you.
— Johanna Rodas


Personal Energy Assessment

You will receive an invitation to participate in an in depth online energy questionnaire (ELI). Your responses will be compiled into a detailed report explaining how you are showing up energetically in your ‘status quo” situations and in your stress responses.  You will be debriefed in detail on the assessment results by Denise, an Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Master Practitioner.  Following the debrief you will receive a 60 minute coaching session. The benefits to participating in this exercise are: greater awareness on how you are using your energy, knowing where your energy is flowing or if it is blocked and the connection between consciousness and actions.  This tool is an amazing barometer for your 7 levels of energy and how you are tapping into them to live your most productive life.

Private Coaching

Partner with Denise to accentuate your strengths and identify the blocks that are obstructing your path to greatness.  Private coaching sessions are offered on a weekly and bi weekly schedule.  A true coach has no agenda, only to provide support as you travel towards your dreams and desires in the most pleasurable way. Choose from a 3 month, 6 month or 9 month option.  You may add the Personal Energy Assessment to your package.

Will you do what it takes to live your most delicious, divine, lucrative life?



Roll up your sleeves and get to work! Participate in the round table sharing of ideas and practical tips on how to live a more productive, fulfilling life.  An interactive setting encourages pairing off for exercises, live coaching demonstrations and Q & A.  Choose from a long list of topics or tailor a series of related topics to offer to your community or corporation. Denise promises you’ll go home with a goodie bag of tips for making each day more enjoyable and creative.

Public Speaking

After more than 20 years of using her voice and her power on the trading floor Denise has found herself at home on the stage. She engages and interacts with her audience in a way that is intimate and intuitive.  Regardless if your venue is casual or corporate Denise brings the Energy Leadership lessons to life in a tangible, easy to digest way.  The agenda is for each person to leave with the tools and knowledge that we are the ones carving our our future.  Our consciousness of that and how it is related to our actions is an invaluable super power.

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